We offer our customers service for the machines manufactured by us and for externally produced machines and plants.

  • The Service includes repair, upkeep and maintenance works. According to requirements.
  • These tasks are conducted by a cross-departmental service team on site (world wide) or at aur factory.
  • Modernization or optimization of established machines and plants are also executed as service.

Spare part supply through

  • Stock of important spare parts for our own machinery
  • Procurement of components from subcontractors
  • Production of not stockpiled or not obtainable components according to customer drawing or prototype.

Maintanance of machines and plants through

  • Remote maintanance through internet-connection for fault analysis, fault elemination, reprogramming or support of the local machine
  • Maintenance and repair service wold wide
  • Assembly of spare part, restoring of operational readiness and safety