Industries and Applications

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  • Embossing machines, embossing calenders, embossing units, embossing stations, embossing cassettes, embossing interchangeable cassettes, embossing rollers
  • Embossing sleeve quick-change systems, embossing cassettes quick-change systems
  • Perforation calenders, perforation units, perforation exchangeable cassettes and perforation rollers
  • Device construction, special machines and special systems

Our systems are versatile for embossing and perforating a wide variety of materials and products.

They are already used in the hygiene, packaging, paper, foil, aluminum and sheet steel, furniture, facade, flooring and automotive industries.

For example for embossing at:

Paper / cardboard packaging industry:

Tobacco packaging, folding boxes, label paper, wrapping paper, chocolate packaging

Foil and nonwovens industry:

Packaging , hygiene , technical applications

Heat and noise protection in the aerospace and automotive industries 

Aluminum, steel, stainless steel sheet processing industry pharmaceutical and chemical industry 

Presses – , plant and mechanical engineering 

3D needle perforation calender for films and nonwovens